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Lens Material:

Frame Material: PC

Luminous intensity (mcd): White: 6000

Power of Battery in Volts: (Voltage) 3V, 0.1A

Forward current (mA): 20

Circuit/Drive type: common anode

Operating temperature range of LED light (deg. C): 65

Available Powers: * 1.00 * 1.25 * 1.50 * 1.75 * 2.00 * 2.25 * 2.50 * 2.75 * 3.00

Read next to the camp fire!

About Our LED Reading Glasses

Restaurant Readers are premium reading glasses which have tiny LED lights built right into the temples. Restaurant Readers are an ideal type of reading glasses for today’s driven, multi-tasking professional.

The small LED lights are angled slightly downwards so that they focus brightly specifically on the spot where your eyes are simultaneously focused. LED bulbs remain cool to the touch and will not heat up. No risk of any burn to the skin around the side of your head or your ears. They are efficient and use less power than a flashlight or an overhead light, thus reducing your personal carbon footprint. Please see the recent article from the front page of the New York Times. (May 30, 2009) for more details about the “green promise” of LED lighting and the benefits of LED reading glasses. It is hard to believe these special LED reading glasses are environmentally friendly as well!

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The frame for each pair of Restaurant Readers is contemporary and stylish. The frames come in one shape which is suitable for most facial structures/shapes. The lenses themselves are available in three different magnifications - 1.00; 1.25; 1.50; 1.75; 2.00; 2.25; 2.50; 2.75; 3.00. Again, these different strengths will meet just about any vision need. Who would have thought that a simple pair of glasses for reading could also be high tech, attractive, and highly useful? Reading glasses designed for reading throughout an entire 24 hour period - now you can use the same pair of reading glasses during the day - without having to suffer by losing your enhanced ability to read when the sun goes down. The battery life in our LED reading glasses is at least 48 hours, plus a second set of batteries is included with each pair of reading glasses. Now, you can simply push a subtle, yet easy to use, switch, and the light comes on illuminating anything that falls within your gaze. And the light will last a long time before needing a replacement. Your Restaurant readers are shipped with an extra set of batteries and well as a protective case.

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